Our Projects


 San Francisco Sewer System Master Plan (SSMP) San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The goals of the SSMP are to develop a long-term vision and strategy for the management of the City’s wastewater and storm water, address specific challenges facing the system, and maximize system reliability and flexibility.  HCE has been engaged in this project to determine and evaluate needs by developing and calibrating the collection hydraulic/hydrologic system model, and provide modeling support for alternatives to Bayside discharges.

Water Supply Improvement Program (WSIP) Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) 

 The Program EIR addresses the potential environmental effects of improving and expanding the regional water supply system to meet the proposed system service goals for water quality, water delivery and reliability through the year 2030.  HCE provided hydrology and hydrogeology support for the surface water and groundwater resources sections of the WSIP PEIR.  Tasks included analyzing model results for various water supply scenarios and supply alternatives in order to determine potential impacts to surface water and groundwater resources. 


Parkmerced Development Maximum Real Estate Partners/Skidmore Owings & Merrill: SOM

Late in 2007, Hydroconsult Engineers, Inc. was contacted by the new development team for Parkmerced. The current Parkmerced development was built in the 1940’s in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco. Due to poor design and layout, it has experienced deterioration and increasingly lower levels of occupancy. It is the intention of the current owners to rebuild Parkmerced as a model of sustainability. During the first phase of our work on this development, we assembled and analyzed the current and future (predicted) populations, non-residential uses, water use, present and future paved and unpaved areas to develop estimated future water use, sanitary sewage production, changes in CSO and predicted stormwater runoff. We delivered our analysis in a Technical Memorandum in March 2008. The second (and current) phase of work is the Sustainability Plan. HCE is preparing the sections for stormwater management, water and wastewater plans, EIR analyses and impacts on the combined sewer system. Highlights of the Sustainability Plan include LID processing of stormwater, use of recycled water, bioswales, permeable paving and constructed wetland. The Parkmerced Development Plan was accepted by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in June 2011.


Sunnydale Sewer Improvements

San Francisco Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering

HCE performed the hydraulic analysis for the proposed $20 million flood control project in the Sunnydale area district of San Francisco by developing hydraulic design concepts using the XP SWMM computer model. HCE also used physical hydraulic modeling to develop design parameters of pertinent complex junction and diversion structures.